Your Embodied Life is a 4-month journey with an intimate group of women who are ready to step UP and INTO a way of life & leadership that weaves together feminine flow, sensuality, embodied ecstasy and radical responsibility to create a better world for themselves and those around them.

Through a combination of embodiment practices, group coaching, sisterhood circling, intuitive holistic health and deep mastery of feminine leadership...

You’ll embrace your FULL range & FULL potential so you can EMBODY the woman you’ve always wanted to be.

This is about bringing you back home. This is about creating a safe space where your inner voice is championed so you can navigate life empowered as your own teacher.

*This program is for anyone who identifies as woman. 

My mission is to have you walk away feeling deeply connected to your body and trusting that SHE is your compass so you can...

CONQUER any challenge that comes your way in the future,

EMBODY the woman you yearn to be,

And BECOME the leader you always envisioned yourself as.

So…What’s it all going to look like?

During our time together, I will share with you the ingredients to designing Your Embodied Life including:

  • Embodied Learning so you learn how to DO less and EMBODY more.
  • Group Coaching for direct support from me in the safety of sisterhood
  • Sensuality Practices to revv up your ability to receive (whether in business or the bedroom!).
  • Breathwork exercises & meditations to help you bypass the “mind” and go straight to the “body”.
  • Foundations of Feminine Health that will make supporting your body easy & hassle-free.
  • Monthly Body & Soul Charting to get you OWNING your POWER.
  • Accountability so you can stay on track, feel supported & inspired
  • Surprises to keep it spicy ;)

The curriculum incorporates monthly themes and each call will have a particular discussion topic led by me + laser coaching for the group. The idea is that each month builds upon the last so that your transformation and expansion are EXPONENTIAL!

Month 1 – Finding your Embodied Ecstasy

Where we amp up the volume on your sensuality, your desires and your embodied ecstasy & connect you to your compass - your body.

Month 2 – Masculine Hustle & Feminine Flow

Where we explore lifestyle design that integrates masculine & feminine energies & your unique blend of the two.

Month 3 – Dancing into Your New Story

Where we shed the old story that has been ruling your life and escape the looping thoughts that are keeping you stuck by implementing simple somatic tools that bypass the “thinking mind” and get straight to the core fear in your body. 

Month 4 – Sovereignty, Safety & Sisterhood

Where we explore feeling safe in sisterhood & design an environment conducive to lifelong sustainable change & accepting radical responsibility for the world around us. 

Please note that the curriculum and format are subject to change. I want to be highly flexible so I can create the best possible experience for you and the group.

How is Your Embodied Life structured?

The program will run from approximately Nov 10 – March 10. 

You can participate in the experience virtually from anywhere in the world. All you need is a connection to the internet. 

Through somatic work, goddess archetypes, the chakra system & dance, we will explore the parts of you have that been disconnected, the story that has kept you stuck & give all parts of you permission to play. During our time together, I am fiercely devoted to your vision, so you can show up as the feminine leaders the world so needs right now.

There are 2 ways in which you can participate in the program:  

  • 8 private coaching calls to customize the program to YOUR needs.
  • 8 themed group coaching calls led by me over 4 months (2 x a month).
  • 3 Surprise Guest Calls with Feminine Leadership & Sensuality Experts
  • Optional Bi-weekly Sister Circle Calls.
  • Unlimited video chat laser coaching support from me during the entire program.  
  • Bi-weekly journaling prompts, embodiment exercises and/or movement videos 
  • Access to Private Facebook Group

  • 8 themed group coaching calls led by me over 4 months. (2 x a month)
  • 3 Surprise Guest Calls with Feminine Leadership & Sensuality Experts  
  • Optional Bi-weekly Sister Circle Calls  
  • Bi-weekly journaling prompts, embodiment exercises and/or movement videos 
  • Access to Private Facebook Group

"This has been such an incredible journey of self-discovery. I've fallen in love with being a woman, with being myself, in all the different facets that encompasses." 

- Jen Sain, Strategic Intelligence Analyst  

"Nadia is a true artist of embodiment.” 

- Nisha Moodley, Women's Leadership Coach,

Payment Options

Pay in full:

Early Action Payment Plans

For anyone signing up before Nov. 1:

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Enroll and pay in full by Nov 1:

  • $299 off
  • 90-minute coaching session (valued at $399)
  • Embody-at-home Bundle (valued at $79) 
  • 90-minute coaching session (valued at $399) 
  • Embody-at-home Bundle (valued at $79) 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nadia, who is this program for?  

This program is for the rockstar, driven woman (and anyone who identifies as a woman) who has been taught to lead using her masculine energy. As a result her body, her sensuality & her femininity have suffered and she's finally ready to tap back into her embodied feminine so she can achieve a sense of balance in life. I usually work with women on their embodiment journey in layers. We start with the physical body and move our way out into the energetic/emotional. I do this through sustainable healthy eating, embodiment practices, meditations and dance.  

That sounds like me - What do I do next?  

Awesome. If you’re a clear yes, you can go ahead and enroll now.  

If you’re feeling the pull but it’s not a clear yes yet, all you need to do is book a call with me where we’ll connect and explore your desires. If this program will best serve your desires, we’ll talk about what it looks like to join the group.  

When does the program start?  

We will begin gathering November 10 so book your call soon... I did mention I serve rockstar, driven women right? ;)  

I want to Nadia, but the budget, Nadia, the budget…  

Listen, I get it. I had a full year where my monthly coaching payment was double my rent and guess where it was all going? Credit card because I was barely getting by being a first year entrepreneur. Do I regret the decision? Absolutely not. It completely pivoted my entire life journey. So yes, for me, it was worth it.  

Now, I NEVER advocate choosing coaching over the basic necessities like food & shelter. Your nervous system needs to have some baseline security in order for us to do this work of deep surrender and exploration. But many times, our anxiety around money is also connected to our lack of trust and our inability to feel safe. And usually we don’t feel safe because of something that happened WAY before we were adults budgeting. So I’m not saying there aren’t times, when yes, money is in fact, an issue. But more often than not, the issue is more about trust (in me, in yourself, in the coaching process) than it is about anything else.  

Here’s my process, and women who’ve already spoken to me can attest to this. Once we both establish your body is a YES!, you are giving me the greenlight to champion your desires and speak to your mind chatter. I have zero desire, under any circumstances, to pressure you into making a fear-based decision. That is the masculine paradigm we are trying to shed here. I address your love-based desire and THEN we address fears that may come up.  

Do I NEED coaching?  

Nope. No one needs coaching. Everyone has everything inside of them. You are not broken. Nothing needs to be fixed. Your body is a beautifully designed system capable of complete balance and healing on her own. Coaching is simply a modality that can help expedite your journey into finding your own unique blueprint for this. Coaching is like pressing fast forward on the program of your life. Coaching is about helping you go deeper quicker with a group of women who reflect back to you what you can’t see – your epic potential.  


Health & Embodiment Coach

Nadia is a Health & Embodiment Coach who guides women to sensual nourishment and embodied power by helping them reconnect to their own body voice. She is immensely passionate about supporting women in their journey back to their embodied essence so they can feel vibrant, alive, feminine & free again.  

Through her one-on-one coaching, Embody dance classes & Embody teacher training Nadia has guided thousands of women across 5 continents on their journey back to themselves. You can find her at, or join the conversation at The Embody Tribe FB group.