Join us for a 7 day Embodiment Immersion where we rebel against a system that is stopping us from fully embodying our power, our freedom and our RANGE.


A week of body devotion. A modern-day ritual of self-love. A shedding. A reclamation. A coming home.

Together, we are saying NO to the idea that play is unproductive.  

That raw emotionality is weak. 

We are rebelling against the belief that our erotic is dirty. 

That our sensuality is unsafe. 

Together, we reject the notion that our bodies are projects we need to work on.  

Projects that need to be scrubbed, lasered, painted and weighed. 

A game where our bodies need managing and “fixing” instead of being deeply intuitive vessels to revere.  

We welcome our full range.  

From the sensual siren who loves to tease to the silly playful girl within us.  

From the warrior that sources leadership from her intuition to the queen that rules from compassion.  

We revere our dark as much as our light.  

We value being as much as doing.  

We respect cycles as much as we do momentum.  

We say YES as empathically as we say NO – because BOUNDARIES.  

We are kicking convention to the curb and we’re unapologetic about it.  

We embrace every color, every body type, every (a)sexual preference, every reality, every (a)spiritual practice, every identification – because LOVE. 

During our week together, we will explore the different messaging we have internalized as women that are ruling our work, our identity, our bodies and our relationships.  

We will do this by learning about and embodying 3 powerful feminine archetypes that are part of our internal army. They are our inner warriors that help us battle the agendas, the messages and the “shoulds” that are stopping us from accessing our truth.  

Who is this for?

When you join us, you are joining an army of ecstatic rebels. This experience - and my work as a whole - is primarily designed for anyone who identifies as woman. However, if you’re just looking to explore your feminine side, this might be for you as well.  

And how does this work?

This is a 7 day online Embodiment Immersion. This is not another course with just INFORMATION. This immersion includes movement, music and practices to deepen your relationship to your body and increase your capacity for pleasure.  

Each day I will email you prompts to learn and embody each of the 3 feminine archetypes: The Sensual Siren, The Warrior Queen & The Inner Little Girl. We will use my signature 4 phases of embodiment to explore each archetype.  

With a combo of information and embodiment, you’ll get a week to really immerse yourself into an experience where you feel lighter, more sensual and ultimately more free to be your unique self – in your FULL range, babe. Because we want all of you here!  

You'll walk away with:

  • Daily prompts to help you explore your three feminine archetypes.
  • Moving meditations & playlists that bring out your sensuality, your playfulness and your power. 
  • Embodiment tools that enhance your work, your relationships and most importantly, your relationship to your body. 
  • A deeper connection to your body & how she speaks to you. 
  • An understanding of what is stopping you from fully embracing parts of yourself. 
  • More self-love, authentic expression and exstacy.
  • More body-confidence & clarity around your boundaries.  


I’m a certified Health & Embodiment Coach who guides women (and anyone who identifies as woman) to sensual nourishment and embodied power by helping them reconnect to their own body voice. 

I’m also the creator of Embody, a dance experience designed to help us reconnect with our bodies through the exploration of 3 key archetypes. I’m immensely passionate about supporting women in their journey back to their embodied essence so they can feel vibrant, alive, feminine & free again. 

This is a place where we shed the world’s agendas. 

This is a place where we peel away the layers plastered on our experience. 

This is where we explore our sensuality. 

This is where we reclaim our erotic. 

This is where we become the body of ecstasy. 

Home to ourselves.  

Home to our truth.  

Home to our power.  

Home to our essence.  

Home to our sacred sensuality.  

Home to our pleasure.  

Home to our integrity.