Hello, beauty. Take a deep breath.

 Settle into your skin, shake out your shoulders, feel your heart beating. 

What is it that you desire to do with your life? What does your soul long to create? 

Perhaps it is an incredible family. An epic love story. A product that makes the world a better place. A life where you have space to slow down and smile at your neighbor. Beauty. Connection. A healthy body. A book. Adventure and travel. A clear-hearted contribution to society. 

Whatever it is, we know you have a longing. We share it—for ourselves, and for you. We ALL yearn to be more deeply in touch with our capital-T Truth so we can create a life that feels aligned, liberated, joyful.  

And yet it’s so easy to forget that desire. To numb out the deep hunger. To get pulled away from our essential nature. To allow things to shackle you and keep you tight, constrained, bound.  

The Truth? 

You are a B O U N D L E S S creature. Capable of being everything you desire to be.  

And, if you feel out of touch with that Truth, finding your way back is up to you.  

But it takes courage and perseverance and, sometimes, a sacred time-out. e-out.  

This is why we designed this experience for you.  

BOUNDLESS is for those of us who long to embody a new paradigm, where our sensuality and open-heartedness guide us through life, co-existing with our brilliance and our ambition.

BOUNDLESS is for women who feel something new igniting in themselves and want to fan those flames. Women who are teetering on the edge of the next level of their own evolution, ready to emerge from the chrysalis and be reminded how to use their wings. 

BOUNDLESS is an invitation into a way of moving through the world with more intention, sensuality and soul. A way of moving that calls in presence and ease and flow. A way of being that feels fluid and free.  

Together, we will gather in this 5-day immersive embodiment experience on the sacred land of New Mexico and sink into slow, divine presence. 


Soul-level connection. Gathering with a group of women* to see and be seen is still one of the most healing tonics we know. It's not just friendship, it’s Sisterhood. Whenever we take the time to connect with incredible women who speak the language of our hearts, we come away renewed in ways we could not even have anticipated.  

Breath. Breathwork, Ginny’s newest love, is a powerful access point to our self-healing capacities. It's an active meditation technique that takes you below the level of the mind to release what is being stored in your consciousness (which exists in every cell of your body) so it can evaporate from your life.  

Dance. When we separate from how it is supposed to look and focus instead on how it feels, moving our bodies sensually to music is a potent tool for unlocking and moving emotions. Nadia is deeply passionate about guiding women to come up against their own edges and flow through them.  

Deeper self-knowledge, self-acceptance and self- love. Understanding that self-love is really where it's at, and that it is also a VERY complicated thing to achieve (because ahem, human-ness), turning toward what is challenging us is the brave work we commit to. What is still hanging out in your system and blocking your shine? Being with it, in an immersive and safe space, has immense power to clear the clutter.  

There will also be desert magic and laughter and luxury. Ritual and softness. A slowed pace in a beautiful place, so you can hear the voice of your soul. (Oh, and puppies. There will be actual puppies.) 


We are Nadia Munla and Ginny Muir, and we are coaches, eternal students of life, soul sisters and co-conspirators. 

We first bonded over hormonal balancing and then—as we circled around one another—realized our connection runs much deeper. 

The blood pumps through our veins for the same cause: the reclamation of the feminine. 

The whole, embodied, sensual, soulful, compassionate, enlivened, liberated essence of woman. We both dance for it, teach for it, write for it, make playlists and weird salmon/miso/veggie breakfasts in service of it. It’s a fierce devotion that merges our hearts.  

And, as all women are, we are better together. We fill in each other's gaps and combine to create something even more potent. 

Nadia is the Scorpio to Ginny’s Pisces, the burn to her flow, the Warrior to her Heroine. Nadia says courageous things that make Ginny's nervous system tremble and then burst open, electrified. And Ginny is Nadia’s magical mirror, as she has an amazing gift of reflecting back the beauty and the shadow with a gentleness that soothes your heart while championing your truest potential. Ginny has an amazing ability to hold the deepest expression of your soul right beside your loveable humanness.  

You can learn more about us—and feel who we are—in the video above. 

We’re offering our combined expertise in breathwork, movement, intuitive counsel and embodiment in service of YOUR SOUL. 

We’ve created 5 days of deep exhale and expansion so that you might walk away feeling more truly self-expressed than you ever have in this lifetime.  



As women, we have deep, inherent connections to Mother Earth. The places we choose to come together form the foundation of our gathering. The high desert of New Mexico is both magical and grounded, close to spirit in elevation yet anchored by sturdy, majestic rocks. It brings the element of the sun—fiery, potent, and life-giving. For centuries, the people of this land have merged spiritual awareness with a great reverence for human life. Santa Fe (which means “holy faith” in Spanish) is quirky and wise and unique and charming and creative, all rolled into one. It’s the perfect spot to make contact with your wild, expressive nature.  


We handpicked Sunrise Springs Spa Resort—a gorgeous, luxurious property just outside of Santa Fe—as the perfect location for this event. It combines everything we love about the feminine: expansive grounds that nestle you close to nature, elegance and beauty at every turn, creative and artistic touches, sensual experiences (think: outdoor soaking and plush robes and steam rooms and fireplaces), soulful and unexpected elements and a deep reverence for the land. This space will nurture and support us as we turn bravely inward. 


All Boundless participants will be staying in beautiful Garden View rooms overlooking Sunrise Springs’ Medicine Wheel. You may choose to have your own room or share with another participant. If you choose the latter, we will honor any and all rooming requests (if you know another woman attending), or match you with a participant based on preferences.  

WHEN: September 20th-24th, 2017


  • 4 Nights Accommodation
  • 3 healthy, nourishing meals per day (accommodating any dietary preferences).
  • Dinner on arrival; breakfast on departure. 
  • Powerful workshops, movement experiences, breathwork sessions, rituals, circles and ceremonies. 
  • Luxurious free time and access to the pool, hot tub, trails and Medicine Wheel. 
  • Private Facebook community. 
  • 2 group coaching calls with Ginny & Nadia after the retreat to support reintegration.


  • Option 1 (shared room): $3495*
  • Option 2 (private room) : $3995*  

*Price if paid in full. Payment Plans also available.  


  • Flights to and from Santa Fe (SAF) or Albuquerque (ABQ). 
  • Airport transport (though we are happy to help coordinate.) 
  • Spa treatments (optional).
  • Sweat Lodge experience (optional).  


Boundless is a carefully curated and highly intentional gathering. We ask that you apply so we might get to know each and every woman desiring to be there. After you complete a short application, we’ll arrange a call with you to connect and complete your registration.  

You came here to breathe. You came here to dance. You came here to love. And yes, it's easy to forget all of that. 

You are capable of such Truth and Beauty, and the world needs you. Join us in the ritual of remembering. 

We can't wait to see you there. 

To your wild soul's yearnings,

Ginny & Nadia

*This retreat is intended to primarily explore the experience of beingor identifying as—a woman. Therefore, we welcome anyone who identifies as woman to our retreat.  

Questions? Email us at ginny@ginnymuir.com and nadia@nadiamunla.com. We're here for you!